Making Magic on the San Onofre Cliffs

There are those moments as a photographer when you feel so drawn to certain people, that you just kind of blurt out "You should have me shoot your maternities" I end up saying this to a lot of our pregnant friends, and it never comes out smooth... Actually its almost always kinda weird. Having 2 kids of my own, I loved everything about my wife's pregnancy, I'm drawn to the power and beauty in a woman's ability to fully transform to bring new life. That being said, I am obsessed with ensuring that everyone I know has adequate documentation of this short and beautiful phase. 

Technical: For this shoot I wanted wide open nature, no visible buildings, cars, or people... Just an exclusive moment for my clients to just BE. For digital I used a Canon 5d mkiv with Zeiss Milvus 35, 50, and 85mm lenses. Using the 50 as my primary. I also shot a roll of Fuji Color 200 film on a Canon 1V with the same lenses. The light was stunning and I played into using the light as a character in every shot, always contributing to the mood and feel. I shot most of it at 2.2 so the greenery would have a nice blend and so my subject would stand out razor sharp. I edited These photos with Mastin Labs Fuji 400h preset, Literally clicked the preset and that was it. No other tweaks necessary! 

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