Big Love on a Little Island

Some shoots are easier than others. There are certain elements of magic that can make any situation extraordinary. I had two major things going for me at this bridal session, one was obviously the location, and second was the magnetic love between these newlyweds. Its not hard for me to tell a beautiful story when the couple is doing all the work without any direction from me. This beautiful couple brought the party with a care free vibe and a desire for adventure. Here's to more Island weddings in the future!

Technical: I wanted to shoot the scene with a wide perspective as the island and ocean were just as much a character in the story as the couple themselves. With this in mind, I relied on the Zeiss Milvus Lenses on a Canon 5Dmkiv; prioritizing 21mm, 35mm, and 50mm focal lengths to always be showing some form of background to compliment the scene. Most of the time I used f2.8 as my go-to aperture to separate the couple from the background to make them the primary focus. In post, I edited all photos with Mastin Labs Portra 160 Pushed Preset This gives me an incredibly clean edit with accurate colors and a nice pop of contrast, similar to how my film photos look. 

COMING SOON: Hawaii Elopement, Ceremony on Film